Veda Consulting LTD

London, United Kingdom

About Us

We are a niche CiviCRM & Marketing Automation Specialist that helps progressive nonprofits accelerate their charitable objectives by leveraging the power of open-source technologies.

CiviCRM Services

As a founding CiviCRM Gold Partner, we’ve been around since the beginning. We build trusted partnerships with our customers to understand their mission, and map CiviCRM functionality to the most effective way of enabling that mission.

We believe that software features for donations, memberships, events, cases, email etc is a given. We want to understand your organisational pain, your challenges and your transformation strategy and we’ll tailor CiviCRM to solve and empower.

We’ve built implementation methodologies, training and change management process to ensure CiviCRM adoption within the organisation to realise the most value, and get the best return on investment.

We're also technical contributors, having built the Mosaico Extension for CiviCRM as well as GDPR, Gift Aid, Direct Debit, Mailchimp Integration and Outlook Extensions.

Case studies