Register a site

Does your organization use CiviCRM to further its mission? Please take three minutes to tell us a bit about your organisation and how you use CiviCRM. Filling in the simple form helps us understand our user base and helps the project move forward.  The form is split into three short parts that collect information about:

  1. the site you are registering
  2. yourself
  3. any service providers you have worked with

With your consent, we will use your registration to help market CiviCRM.  If you check the marketing tick box, we will add your site to our publicly searchable directory and map of CiviCRM installations and may also use your organisation in other places where we promote CiviCRM, for example, at conferences.  Thank you for strengthening the CiviCRM ecosystem!

If the form does not seem to submit, please make sure to fill in all the fields, unless they are labelled as optional.